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1. Identifying the
genes responsible
for developing diabetes.
- Grant Morahan’s ongoing work – started 2005 and ongoing

2. Preventing complications of diabetes developing

Grant Morahan 2008 ongoing.

3. Understanding the psychological
impact of living with
diabetes in adolescents
- Pat Rapley (SCGH) 2008

4. Development and trial of Eyescan portable eye camera to detect retinopathy (eye damage)
- Trang Ly (PMH) 2008 . Yogi Kanagasingam (CSIRO) developed the camera -
now in use at the International Space Station conducting medical research.
We continued to fund his work in 2017 using AI to detect changes with an updated portable camera.

5. Understanding
how diabetes related
retinopathy (blindness) develops.
- Lakshini Herat – Alex Cohen Scholarship (Grant Morahan’s group) – started 2010 and ongoing

6. Investigating memory loss and type 2 diabetes

Nicole Milne Alex Cohen Scholarship (UWA) 2012

7. Developing insulin-producing
cells as a cure
- Grant Morahan & Fang Xu Jiang - 2012

8. Developing novel treatments for obesity to prevent type 2 diabetes – Vance Mathews (Perkins) 2013 & 2018 .

9. Preserving insulin producing cells following kidney transplants.
- Laron Chakera (SCGH) 2014

10. Exploring sunlight, obesity, and the development of type 2 diabetes

Shelley Gorman –(TKI) 2015

11. Impact of hyperglycaemia in standard and
low insulin states on exercise
performance in type 1 diabetes
- Karen Rothacker (PMH) 2016

12. Use of artificial intelligence
to grade eye images
in diagnosis of retinopathy at GP clinics.
Yogi Kanagasingam (CSIRO) 2017

13. Identifying children at risk
of type 1 diabetes
to find ways to prevent or delay it
- Aveni Haynes (Perth Children’s Hospital) 2018

14. Statins,
gut microbiome and id
they can cause type 2 diabetes

Fergal O’Gara (Curtin University) 2018

15. Improved testing
and risk analysis
of gestational diabetes
for rural and remote women
- Julia Marley (Rural School of Medicine UWA) 2019

16. Preventing a second
(often fatal)
heart attack in those with type 2 diabetes
Girish Dwivedi (Fiona Stanley Hospital & Perkins) 2020

17. Trial of oral insulin
as an adjunct therapy
to injected insulin
in type 1 diabetes.
- Mary Abraham (Perth Children’s Hospital) 2021

18. Intercepting cell inflammation
which leads to serious
diabetes associated complications

Kevin Pfleger – (UWA & Perkins Inst) 2021