Your gift will change lives.

When a person includes DRWA in their Will we feel deep appreciation, understanding the level of decision-making, consideration and thought that goes into planning their estate.

Over the years we have been incredibly fortunate to have received generous gifts to our research program and are immensely grateful to those who believe in the value of research and the change it can bring. In fact, over 50% of our research has been enabled due to the very generous people in our community.

What happens when you include DRWA in your estate planning?

When you leave a gift to DRWA, we can continue to fund ground-breaking research into all types of diabetes, improve management and treatment options for diabetes, and prevent complications associated with diabetes. Gifts are directed towards research projects right here in Western Australia.

In recent years, due to an increase in gifts, we have been able to expand our research focus to include two streams of research: basic/fundamental science and clinical/translational research. This ensures we can deliver sustainable research outcomes in WA leading to reducing the impact of diabetes in our community.

A gift in lieu of flowers or in memory.

You can ask family and friends to give a donation to Diabetes Research WA in lieu of flowers at a funeral, or in memory of your loved one. Donations in lieu of flowers can be sent to Diabetes Research WA, GPO Box X2213, Perth WA 6847 or via our Donations page.

If you would like to include a gift to DRWA in your estate planning or would like to obtain specific wording for your Will, please contact us at

Helpful advice with legacy giving.

Sally Bruce, Partner at law firm Jackson MacDonald, has kindly provided the following videos to assist you with your legacy planning.

Having a Will gives you choices.
Including a charity in your Will.
Reviewing your Will when your situation changes. 

Diabetes Research WA Gifts Ambassador – John Lewis.

After losing his wife to type 1 diabetes, John felt motivated to leave a gift to DRWA in his Will and has since become a gift ambassador for our organisation – inspiring others with his story in the hope that others follow his generous lead.

We are incredibly grateful for John’s generosity and kindness.

Hear John’s story. 

Thank you to the following people who have left generous gifts to DRWA and who believe in the value of our research.


Other ways you can support DRWA.


80% of your contribution will directly fund Diabetes Research WA programs, so you can be confident your donation will make a difference.

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A fantastic way to give back to the community is to lend us your time and skills. DRWA has numerous volunteering opportunities available to suit volunteers of all ages and abilities.

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Sponsorships, employee volunteering, social fundraising events and monthly workplace giving are just some of the incredible ways our corporate partners support DRWA.

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Become an important voice for DRWA and our research efforts.

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Did you know?

The biggest issue facing researchers is access to and security of ongoing funding. With your support, we can continue to deliver funding to our world-class researchers right here in Western Australia ensuring you, your family, and our community benefit first.

Your gift or donation will be distributed to diabetes research projects right here in WA.

Be the driving force behind our research.

When you donate to Diabetes Research WA today, you’ll be directly helping a person living with diabetes now - while contributing to a future where people no longer live with this challenging condition.

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