Our mission

Our mission at Diabetes Research WA is to fund research in Western Australia into all forms and types of diabetes, including the complications that can develop. When you become a corporate partner with DRWA, your business will play an important role in us achieving this mission – and directly enhance the lives of people with diabetes.

Facts about diabetes.

  • There are over 463 million people around the world living with diabetes.
  • 7 million Australians live with diabetes, with over 280 people developing the disease every day (enough to fill the MCG every year).
  • Every six seconds someone around the world dies from diabetes complications.
  • All types of diabetes are increasing.
  • The impact of diabetes is staggering, costing over $14.6 billion annually in Australia alone.

Research has made an enormous contribution to the lives of people living with diabetes, from improving methods of insulin administration and frequency through to a reduction in heart, kidney, and eye disease. But if we are to find long-term solutions, it’s critical that the world steps up its research efforts. It’s urgent, it’s necessary, and it’s vital.

Becoming a corporate partner.

It’s important that your organisation benefits from a partnership with DRWA as much as we do. When we partner with a company, we will work closely with you to ensure our relationship aligns with your business’ values, goals and objectives – and that all initiatives put forward will be embraced by your employees and your stakeholders.

When your business partners with Diabetes Research WA, you will:

  • Fulfil your corporate/social responsibility requirements and expectations.
  • Increase your employee retention rate, as team members will see it as a way of building trust with the community.
  • Build goodwill with your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Grow your reputation as a community champion.

Past corporate support.

We have been fortunate to have aligned with a wide number of Perth companies, whose generous time and financial support has enabled us to:

  • Establish the Centre for Diabetes Research in Perth, Western Australia enabling a further $17million in research grants.
  • Increase our funding for the DRWA annual research program.
  • Deliver powerful results which inform researchers worldwide.
  • Purchase of state-of-the-art research equipment.
  • Ensure our database is current and designed specifically for our purpose.


Current partnership opportunities.

There are many ways to partner with DRWA. Just some of the opportunities we have available are:

  • Workplace giving/matched giving.
  • Volunteer employee time or skills.
  • Ambassador/advocate roles.
  • Distribution of information through intranet newsletters.

Ideas for workplace fundraising events!

  • Golf/sports tournaments.
  • Rewards program.
  • Donation/swear box.
  • Social events.
  • Entertainment Book fundraisers.
  • Workplace giving
  • Event sponsorship.

When you become a partner with DRWA, we will offer generous recognition to our business and corporate partners tailored to your specific requirements.

If you would like to speak to us about partnership opportunities, please contact DRWA Executive Director Sherl Westlund on 0411 483 742 or email sherl@diabetesresearchwa.com.au for a confidential discussion.

Other ways you can support DRWA.


80% of your contribution will directly fund Diabetes Research WA programs, so you can be confident your donation will make a difference.

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A fantastic way to give back to the community is to lend your time and skills. DRWA has numerous volunteering opportunities to suit volunteers of all ages and abilities.

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Become an important voice for DRWA and our research efforts.

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Bequests & Wills

Leave a legacy by considering DRWA in your estate planning.

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Did you know?

The biggest issue facing researchers is access to and security of ongoing funding. With your support, we can continue to deliver funding to our world-class researchers right here in Western Australia ensuring you, your family, and our community benefit first.

Your gift or donation will be distributed to diabetes research projects right here in WA.

Be the driving force behind our research.

When you donate to Diabetes Research WA today, you’ll be directly helping a person living with diabetes now - while contributing to a future where people no longer live with this challenging condition.

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