In the sphere of medical research, where each breakthrough hinges on a wealth of diverse perspectives, the role of inclusivity is paramount. At Diabetes Research Western Australia, we are committed to the invaluable contributions of women in the sciences, particularly in our unwavering quest to find solutions for diabetes—a condition that affects millions globally.

Our recent grant awardees, Dr Lakshini Herat and Dr Danka Sampson, exemplify the beacon for the cause, their achievements underscoring the crucial need to inspire and embolden young women to immerse themselves in STEM subjects. Their journey is not simply one of personal or professional accomplishment; it is a beacon for what can be achieved when opportunities are equitable and diverse voices are heard.

Dr Herat speaks passionately about this, asserting,

“Science thrives on fresh perspectives—it’s the lifeblood of innovation. I was fortunate to have mentors who believed in this principle, and now, it’s my turn to encourage young women that their curiosity and intellect can catalyse the next wave of scientific discovery.”

Dr Sampson echoes this sentiment, stating,

“My zeal for medical research is matched only by my commitment to foster a learning environment where young girls envisage themselves not just as participants, but as leaders in science.”

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us pledge to not only honour the strides made by women like Dr Herat and Dr Sampson but also to actively create an environment where young women are motivated to choose and excel in STEM subjects. Let this day serve as a reminder that their choices will shape the future of medical research and, indeed, the well-being of humanity.

In nurturing such an environment, we do more than empower individuals—we fortify the very fabric of our scientific community. The route to a world without diabetes is laid with the skills, insights, and innovations that all scientists bring to STEM fields.

At Diabetes Research Western Australia, we stand dedicated to this cause, steadfast in our support for the brilliant young women who will lead us into a healthier tomorrow.